Give Your Brain
Some Room
With Bullet

Bullet helps you manage tasks, write your journal and keep track of events, giving you the space to just be present.

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Bullet - A new year, a new todo app - based on bullet journaling. | Product Hunt

Tools to help you grow

Tasks, Notes & Events

Manage everything that you need to get done, commit your thoughts to something tangible, and never forget another Birthday.

Flexible Scheduling

You can assign tasks for specific days, weeks, months or even years. New Years resolutions? Bullet has you covered.

Lists & Tags

Make your thoughts and tasks easy to find by grouping them together with lists and tags.

Do More

Keep productivity flowing using a simple method designed to make journaling as unobtrusive as possible.

Stay Focused

Bullet is designed with a simple user interface to minimize distractions and spend as little time on the app as possible.

Improve your memory

Writing notes about your day improves memory and mental wellbeing.

Free your mind

Moving your thoughts and tasks from your head into something tangible improves mental clarity and lets your mind relax.

In your pocket and on the Web

You can access Bullet through the website or from the iOS and Android apps.

Download on the App Store Download on the Google Play