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    Hamish is a passionate visionary, a world traveller, a renaissance man. His main job is keeping Hoj & Theo from fighting one another (Hoj is a biter!). Considers Elon Musk to be his biggest rival after Elon never replied to his many DMs.

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    Theo has a love for strict pixel-perfect design and ruthless minimalism. He maintains a shrine to Steve Jobs and takes excessive pride in his ability to pull off a resting bitch face. His favourite colour is Oat. Bit of a dick to be honest.

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    Hoj is an itinerant hacker, usually found investing in dubious crypto scams. He too loves minimalism, though minimalism of good hygiene practices (he smells a bit). Well-meaning guy but a bit strange and temperamental.

Fine, you caught me! What gave it away? My name is Hamish but I'm actually just building Bullet solo.

I originally built Bullet for myself to help me manage other projects after finding that paper-based bullet journaling didn't work for me. As it turned out, people really liked it 😊 and so it became my main project.

I'm a big believer that Bullet (and bujo in general) has the potential to drastically improve peoples lives, by helping them achieve their goals and improve their mental health.

My current goal - building Bullet into something that can sustain me permanently, gain freedom from employment, and live life on my own terms.