How you can Maximise your Potential with a Productivity App

Looking for ways to stay more organised and enhance your productivity at the ease of your fingertips? The best productivity app is here!

Productivity App: Benefits, Features, and Top Choices

In the world of social media, people usually do not relate productivity to apps. The general reaction is: how could an app get you to complete work with more efficiency and speed? Productivity apps are the key to futuristic growth and overall efficiency, and you may not realise their importance unless you work with them. But first, you should know the first things about a productivity app.

What is a productivity app? Is it worth your money and time? Do productivity apps actually work? If yes, then which ones are best suited for you? What are their benefits? Stick around and watch every answer unfold before your eyes.

What is a Productivity App?

In terms of office spaces, educational cohorts, and other workplaces, a productivity app is one that helps individuals and teams achieve goals systematically. As per a recent study, employees report spending only 3 hours a day at productive work and the rest usually goes to waste.

While there is no set standard for how productive a team or individual should be, there are certain standards and goals that must be met timely and with cleanliness. In the pre-technology era, or to say when tech was a not-so-normal habit, managers and supervisors ensured productivity and result-driving by conducting surveys and meetings. Wouldn’t it be slightly inadequate to continue this time taking process today? This is where productivity apps come in.

In Layman’s terms, a productivity app, well, helps teams and individuals be more productive. Good productivity software will have time management tools, project management, collaboration projects, graphs, chats, forums, and much more. These are apps where employees get updated by each other’s work, collaborate accordingly, and do not have to schedule meetings for every other issue in the workplace.

How does a productivity app work?

There are a plethora of options when it comes to finding a productivity app online, and each of these has its personal interface and a different way of operation. You get to time your tasks, add or remove them, set goals, make journals and notes, and create important events that you cannot miss.

How is a productivity app beneficial?

In a gist, productivity apps in general help you become more productive. But how does it happen?

  • Easy performance tracking and reporting: When you have a streamlined interface to monitor your progress and contribution towards a project, you track your performance better and the reporting of tasks and subtasks also becomes much more efficient.

  • Some productivity apps are equipped with alarms, bells, and rings. These help you be on track all the time and are like an annoying (but essential) assistant buzzing you again and again for updates on your latest tasks.

  • You beat your demotivation by looking at bars and graphs that keep you in control of the work you get done in an hour, a day, and a week.

  • You stay clear of messy journals and cuttings. Adding tasks on the go is simple and just a few taps away!

  • Assigning tasks and achieving goals become more accessible. You can complete all types of communication in just a single app, without having to shift between windows and apps.

  • Collaboration is better. In a productivity app, all team members can update their progress on a project in real time. If you divide the project in segments and divide the work, you get real time updates of how far the project has progressed.

  • Promotes remote working: The world after Covid 19 is tremendously different than the era before it. Remote working helps improve employee retention and reduces CTC, and productivity apps are the backbones of remote businesses.

Both teams and individuals need an app that helps them stay on track with their productivity and duties. Ideally, the app you use for team-productivity tracking should be largely different from individual-productivity tracking. This way, the app you devote yourself to will have features catered to your specific needs, and will be more efficient.

Best Productivity Apps: Which Productivity App is Worth Your Time?

When it comes to choosing your productivity app, the internet is full of options claiming to be the best. However, it is up to your discretion where you wish to invest your time and money. Below is a list of our top ten favorites when it comes to productivity apps and their efficiency.

Bullet Journal App

We designed Bullet to be the best choice for ambitious, improvement-oriented, and crazy-for-organization people. The app is a digital journal in your pocket. Add reminders, events, tasks, alarms, set goals and subtasks, add journal entries, and anything else you wish. Get a report at the end of the day (or whenever you wish) to be proud of the work you got covered and the load still waiting to be attended to.

The bullet journal app is essentially best for individuals who look forward to tracking their performance in a spectrum. Students and employees who like working and tracking their progress alone find this tool extremely insightful. One true notion that Bullet sticks with is not turning your data into saleable assets. The data you register with Bullet is never used for any other purpose.

Oftentimes, an app this versatile doesn’t come without good investment. This makes Bullet special. The standard free version is absolutely versatile and easy-to-use, but if you like to amp up your game and ace everything to the fullest, here’s good news: the premium version is extremely affordable.

The bullet journal app is free to use with limited features. To unlock special features, a subscription of USD3/month is required (which becomes 4 if you wish to bill it monthly).


Todoist is another effective planner tool that lets you add projects, add tasks to these projects, and strike off as you go. You get to invite collaborators to your project, host active sessions or meetings over projects and get updates in real-time about how each task is going on.

Todoist is really versatile when it comes to users. Anybody from individuals to students to big enterprises can benefit from this tool. Nevertheless, the free version of the tool might not be very helpful to large-scale businesses. You might want to amp up the level by subscribing to the Pro (USD 4) or Business(USD 6) version.

My Brain

My Brain is an open-source productivity tool that works similarly to any other app. However, this app does not use the internet, which means no collaboration. Say goodbye to real-time updates and communications. But if you like working alone and tracking solo performance, this might be it for you!

With My Brain, you get to track your performance, and your mood, and view it all in a widget on your desktop. You get to visualise your achievements in a graph and track everything more easily. Speaking of this, My Brain is not helpful for larger organisations or for group projects, but it might be a good choice for individuals, given that it is absolutely free and open source.


ClickUp, or how it likes to call itself “the app that replaces all others”, is really an all-in-one productivity app. You can view your tasks with a bird’s eye view and manage how you complete them. By dividing the entire workflow in different categories, adding tasks, and making numerous folders, lists, and spaces, you also have access to various “viewpoints”.

To add that personalization touch, you can customise the app in the way that makes you most satisfied. You can automate actions with 50+ triggers and actions, make templates to organise easily, and integrate and relate the task force as you proceed. In a gist, ClickUp is the most feature-driven productivity app of the future. ClickUp is ideal for everyone, but it costs different for different uses. Personal level is free, after which you get to choose between 5, 12, 19, and more pricing ranges depending on your business level.


Evernote allows you to manage tasks and scribble away at notes easily. You can tame your calendar, add reminders and alarms, search for your tasks, save buttons on the web, and do everything else that a typical productivity app is supposed to do. In a gist, Evernote helps you stay on track and deliver more efficiently and smartly.

Ideal for both individuals and teams, the features and pricing of the app differ from the version you’re subscribed to. And in each category, there are further subcategories divided into free, personal, and professional. The pricing differs from the plans you subscribe to, and the teams' version is a little more complicated to compare. The range, however, is between 3 USD to 9 USD per month.


Calendly is another powerful and famous productivity app that lets its users organise meetings in real-time, drive competition in sales, boost conversion rates, maximise collaboration, and much more. Automation helps keep information streamlined and safe, and employees get a report of their productivity every day that helps them remain motivated and competitive daylong.

For educational purposes, Calendly helps you schedule sessions, time them, and collaborate with teammates to strive in group projects. The tool is also extremely affordable. Apart from the free version, you get to choose between 8, 12, and 16 USD per seat per month. For businesses with over 30 collaborators, Calendly has a personalised version with personalised pricing.


If you’re into Pomodoro and statistics, engross is it for you. Beat human fatigue with the Pomodoro technique. Use statistics to analyse your productivity and work. With calendars, tasks, notes and events, stay on track and never forget anything important again. With its unique blocklist, you can mute apps and distractions during work sessions and remain engrossed in your tasks unless you achieve them. The absolute best part? Engross is free. For everyone.


Perhaps the most widely used productivity app, Google Calendar is by far the most minimalist productivity app. Easily add tasks, reminders, and events on the go and get notifications for the same. Add collaborators and plan your entire day, week, month, and year! Students can sync the tool with Google Classroom and use them side by side. For everyone and for free, Calendar is ideal if you like being low-key.

Perhaps the best part about using Google Calendar is that you usually won’t have to make new accounts and email IDs. It works with your usual and doesn’t eat up much of your time in setting up. If you like sweet and simple, well, you have an answer. However, the features are comparatively less flexible.


For iOS users, the Due superfast reminder app is here. Set due dates superfast, add reminders and due dates to tasks and events, get notifications and alarms when you miss or approach deadlines, and repeat timers as and when you want. Additionally, you get to personalise and customise Due on the go. Sync the tool across your devices. To get Due, subscribe to Setapp for 10 USD per month and get access to Due and 200+ apps.


Made for teams and individuals, Hootsuite lets you organise and build plans and tasks on the go. However, we have this creative inclusion of social media here. You get to manage and reply to client feedback and queries on the go in this app from all social media platforms, it informs you about market trends and activities, and you can also manage paid ads across social platforms. Additionally, Hootsuite lets you analyse your growth and plans and helps you remain motivated.

Hootsuite is a little more costly in comparison. Ranging from 24 USD to 560 USD per month, Hootsuite is for everyone from an individual to the largest enterprises. The key is to choose the best version for yourself, and then it’s a ride uphill. However, Hootsuite isn’t exactly inexpensive. Students and solo-trackers might not find this app very convincing.

Productivity apps are extremely useful and add more routine to your work and make everything easier, more accessible, and less messy. You save time, money, and energy, compete with organisations in a smarter fashion and strive towards a better version of yourself. With the features of several different tools fused into one, productivity apps let you complete tasks in time, add ROI to your company, get work wrapped up faster and generate results faster. The world is already moving fast, are you?